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Trade and Web Co., is an International Trade consulting firm, centrally located in Florida. Since 1998, we provide import and export consulting, business

 coaching, marketing and distribution services aimed at small to medium-sized businesses wishing to develop consumer markets worldwide. Our ties with reputable international companies allow us to support promotion, and marketing of products and services. We strive to give our clientele professional quality services, they ought to expect. Trade and Web Co. mission is to establish bridges in business relationships by engaging in trade activities in North and South America, Europe and Africa. Our team of passionate experts is willing to assess your needs and with you, find solutions that will suit your specific needs.  Our company specializes in these core actions:  

• Setting a vision and strategy plan for growth at local, national and international levels 

• Marketing and competition analysis 

• Promoting products/services for worldwide exposure

• Translating product documents, contracts, patents in main languages and interpreting business meetings. 


As nations around the globe strive to restore economic and job growth, an  important part of the recovery is reached through the expansion of trade.  The World Trade Organization reported that trade was up 20% in the first half of 2015. Small businesses are the backbone of world’s economy and the primary source of jobs. Today it is easier than ever to go  global, and we can help you, do just that. Our  services are designed to help shape your business world. You decide what, when, where, and we take care of  'how'   to make your goals happen within our main areas of expertise:


· International business coaching

· Translation/interpretation 

· Company product/service video presentations

. Meetings and conferences assist

    Trade and Web, Co 

Your Business Communication


 Effective and professional communication is essential to business success. Communication is the most basic function of management in any organization, furthermore its importance can never be enough emphasized. Whether it be written, telephone or face-to-face communication all three forms are important. A written document form can serve as record while a live telephone, Netmeeting, Skype or Webex contact can trigger a great initial interaction, this in-person relation can help further explain your products or services. Good communication with your customers is what will keep them coming back and your company remain in the forefront of the industry. 

Feel free to contact us at info@tradenweb.com 

for a free evaluation of your business specific communication needs.   

See owner's profile and clients' feedback below:


"Trade and Web has provided great advise to our Internet start-up company, restructuring 

and redefining our strategy plan that lead us to short-mid term growth. Well done." 

Oscar R.

"Thanks to T & W Consulting, we were able to expand our customers' base and overcome dire times in our company". Trudy C.

"Our initial idea was unsettled, based on T & Web support formulation process, we got to redefine our vision and target market, set a clear road map which enabled us to each be aware of our role to play in the company with objectives to reach as a team".  Rose H

 Contact us at


for a study of your company specific needs



Trade and Web, Co. is committed to our  customers and core values from which we analyze your specific needs: 

· We help you create a vision and set


· We create marketing indicators to

   keep you on track 

· We evaluate your target market 

· We offer international exposure


· We create added value for our



 Business Coaching/Consulting Services           

Market study and research specifically done for  your company: 

. per country/region

. per industry/sector 

. per socio-professional category 

Market awareness to support your feasibility plan:   

. analysis of strengths vs.


. competition analysis 

. target market assessment 

. information services for your 

 . business and financial plans 

. regulations (bilateral or multilateral)

. tariffs, product information requests,

  data on (trade, quotas, trends) 

. business opportunities, and customs


. Import/Export Strategy follow-up 

. Pre-market notification with the FDA

 . Product distribution contacts and 


Our clients come  from all sectors, manufacturing, biotechnology, medical and healthcare,  tourism, IT, education, governmental and non-governmental agencies. 

Contact us at: info@tradenweb.com for a free consultation as your business partner.         



Your language partner

offers professional translation and interpreting services in all major languages. We operate internationally within our network of specialists who are committed to an exceptionally high standard of quality, on-time delivery, excellent rates all within a courteous and friendly atmosphere. Our main clientele consists of manufacturers, inventors, natural resources exploration companies, educational institutions, NGOs, hospitality and tourism organizations, law firms, health care, medical, biotechnology, IT,  financial institutions, among other companies. We provide translations for specific needs, such as: 

· commercial contracts, legal documents;   

· packaging, product inserts, advertising, sales/marketing collateral  

· catalogs, brochures, web sites;  

. press releases, financial reports; 

· intellectual property documents,

  technical manuals; 

· government regulations, and much


Our language services include

translation, localization, transcreation  Interpretation: (contract negociations, business meetings through Webex, Netmeeting or Skype)

Remote training interpretation and language training

 Telephone & liaison interpreting (business trips and trade shows).

Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese Kriolu, Spanish, Arabic, Vietanmese and French Creole.


Contact us:


Member of ATA

and IMIA  



Three major reasons to choose US as your Business Partner


1. Client added-value

In addition to the core service of translation and localization, we offer multilingual language consultancy  artwork, transcreation, proofreading/editing, audio-visual (transcription, subtitling and dubbing), naming and international brand research, multilingual market research surveys, and local market regulation study.

2. Our team of specialists 

Ensures your company possesses genuine core marketing competencies with skills which extend across HR, training, online/traditional marketing, localization, visualization. This way, your target clientele will be able to respond intelligently to your marketing-focused inquiries.


3. Top-notch client service 

We offer client-focused work ethics which are about making efforts to build open relationships, offer advice/best-practice suggestions and provide flexible solutions. If this sounds like the kind of business partner you want to collaborate with

Feel free to contact us by telephone at: 239-690-6609 or 239-260-4515 or by email at: 


 or cecileandrade@comcast.net  


Your travel partner

Experiential education or learning from experience is the future. Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher once put it: “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Whether it be learning new languages or new skills, it is the most effective and enjoyable way to get a hold of what you are trying to achieve. The learning process goes from inside-out, not outside-in. It is a holistic approach where experiences, environmental and emotional factors, influence the learning process. Get the ultimate small group travel experience: quality, authenticity, value and freedom that sophisticated travelers, (young or older adults alike), demand. Carefully designed by a group of passionate individuals with a balanced mix of excursions, guided sightseeing, cultural events, and free time: cultural tours (museums, local architecture or artist workshops), wine tastings, musical performances, scenic trips or gourmet encounters. No hopping from one hotel to another, stay in one region and get the most out of it in a home like setting, always with a local feel. We privilege the attention and  camaraderie a small group offers. Every moment will be custom made for memories and learning experience of a life time. 

Whether you are already a group of individuals or a family wanting to organize a trip with memorable memories, determine the location, duration of the trip, we will find lodging, organize the circuits, plan visits, program activities, negotiate prices, that is what we do… and the good news is that we will be showing you the best places to see during your stay. Choose any Spanish, French, Portuguese, English or Italian speaking country, we will put your trip together:  i.e. in Africa, Europe, America (North, or Latin America). It could be Provence for its lavender fields, Tuscany for its vineyards, Andalusia for its architectural marvels, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or learning tango in Buenos Aires, or kizumba in Luanda, or  attend/plan a sport event, we can assist you with that.

 Everything is possible!  

  Work hard, play hard! 

Enjoy life now!

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